From Function to Fabulous: The Evolution of Kitchen Islands


If you’re dreaming of renovation projects and kitchen island ideas keep popping up in your head, we don’t blame you. The kitchen island is undoubtedly a feature of any home. Whether you desire a space for nightly homework, gourmet meal creation, or morning coffee, a well-designed kitchen island will undoubtedly become the most-used area in your home. 


Let’s talk about kitchen island design.

Functionality first

The sky’s the limit in terms of design if you’re starting with a blank slate. However, the most important aspect to consider is how you plan to use your kitchen island. If you think that it’s unlikely for you or your family to sit at the island, consider skipping the stools to make room for additional storage. On the other hand, if you often host social gatherings in your kitchen, a few well-placed stools and some extra standing room will serve you well. For those who view the kitchen island as a sanctuary for meal prep, ensuring plenty of counter space is crucial. 

What’s the best size for a kitchen island?

Proportion and Practicality

Size matters, especially when it comes to kitchen islands. While you may be tempted to go big or go home, the best kitchen island designs take into account your specific needs and the layout of your kitchen. Make sure you have enough space between your island and the surrounding countertops or appliances for easy movement and workflow. The last thing you want is to feel cramped in what should be a functional and comfortable space.

Should Your Kitchen Island Match Your Cabinets?

A Question of Style

The answer to this depends on your personal taste and the existing design colour scheme. If you have a traditional kitchen, you might prefer for your island to match your cabinets in terms of colour and style. If, however, you lean toward eclectic or contemporary kitchen designs, you may opt for a contrasting look to make your island stand out as a unique piece in your kitchen.

Avoid Clutter

When it comes to decorating your island, it’s wise to prioritise things. Avoid cluttering the surface with numerous items; instead, opt for functional yet aesthetically pleasing pieces like a quality fruit bowl, a set of designer salt and pepper mills, or a stylish pitcher. These items not only serve a purpose but also contribute to the overall design aesthetics of the kitchen.

If you have small appliances you use on a daily basis, you can incorporate shelving or storage within the kitchen island or opt for a Butler’s Pantry instead.

So there you have it. Whether you are a budding home chef, an occasional microwave maestro, or a frequent party host, there’s a kitchen island design out there that’s perfect for you. Start planning now to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Kitchen islands offer a harmonious blend of functionality and style. Whether you prefer a matching or contrasting design, focusing on how you’ll use the space will help you create an island that not only looks great but also enhances your daily life.

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